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She’s probably younger than you too, but even if she isn’t, she’s certainly more successful.

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 Sally and Rhiannon are not Adele. In any possible way. But what did she ever achieve? Worldwide success, 8 Brits, 10 Grammys, an Academy Award and three double platinum selling albums. What have Sally and Rhiannon achieved? Two years of unemployment, a combined relationship history of one and a permanent shaving rash. 

Adele Is Younger Than Us is the culmination of years of optimistic frustration wedged into an hour of musical stand-up. Watch as Sally and Rhiannon emerge from the cocoon of long and painful adolescence into the world of womanhood, only to realise they weren't Adele-like butterflies at all. They were moths. 


Stiff and Kitsch will take you on a journey through the trials and tribulations of love, with all the heartbreak but none of the Grammys. Join them in their attempt to find a man, fall in love and Set Fire To The Rain* 

*Disclaimer: They won’t be able to, they're not Adele. 

 ★★★★★ Hysterical…these two are a pair to watch out for - West End Wilma        

★★★★★  Guaranteed to put a smile on your face - Broadway World 

★★★★★  Two extremely talented comedians - Edinburgh49

★★★★ A heartwarming show - Ed Fest Mag

★★★★ Eye-wateringly funny…this may just be the perfect show - The Wee Review

★★★★ Beautiful songs…Dare we admit we enjoy them more than Adele? - FringeBiscuit

★★★★ A truly comic celebration of female quirkiness -

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