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By All Accounts Two Normal Girls*

*a real life quote from a real life reviewer

After the devastating realisation that they were older than Adele - Sally and Rhiannon wrote their first show and headed to Edinburgh. They dreamed of lights, fame and glory. What they got was a month long hangover, an autograph request from a lady in a chip shop who thought Sally actually was Adele, and a five star review which deemed them ‘Two Normal Girls’. Wait a second! Sally did not get a full body wax to be normal. Rhiannon did not self-publish her memoir ‘Rhiannon Neads: I’m not normal’ to be normal. They did not spend three years at drama school, £40,000 and an unpleasant summer holiday learning the entire works of Shakespeare TO BE NORMAL.

Was it time to pack it all in and go back to their day jobs? They couldn’t - not after an unfortunate incident regarding a hangover, an unidentifiable pecan and a customer with a nut allergy. With nothing but a P45, all the time in the world and 750 left over ‘Adele’ posters (wrong size for the venue) there was only one thing for it; They would have to write their next hit. Prepare to be underwhelmed. 

By All Accounts Two Normal Girls is the culmination of years of optimistic frustration wedged into an hour of musical stand-up. Join Stiff and Kitsch as they laugh/sing/cry through the ups and downs of their extraordinarily ordinary lives.

"Stiff and Kitsch aren't two normal girls: They're two extremely talented comedians" - Edinburgh49
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